Six Ways to Partner with your Board to Achieve Fundraising Success

All development officers know how important it is to engage their Board members and other key volunteers in the fundraising process.  Unfortunately, it is often difficult to get a solid rhythm going with Board members to energize the solicitation process.  Here are six suggestions for ways to move solicitations to a faster track.

Six Ways to Get Over the Fear of Fundraising

Recently, several of my colleagues and I had the privilege of sitting down with old friends whom we have had the pleasure of working with, to talk about philanthropy and…. yes, asking!  These friends have made magnanimous gifts over decades that have had an untold impact on society and the lives of individuals, whether that is young people completing an education they never thought possible, physicians and scientists who are able to deliver care or make pioneering discoveries, or young people exposed to the world of imagination and music. 

Physician Partnerships in Grateful Patient Fundraising and a New Era of HIPAA

Patients and their family members are the major source of most hospital philanthropy. Indeed, hospitals have a unique relationship with this constituency, as they have a special duty and responsibility to them. That relationship can be based on deep life-altering experiences or simple routine encounters.