The Hidden Value of a Comprehensive Annual Giving Program

As we are all painfully aware, philanthropic giving fell sharply during the recent recession and donations are still down about 8 percent from their 2007 peak of $344.5 billion.  As we attempt to bounce back, it’s time to get creative in asking.Rightly so, many development managers focus primarily on major gifts and the top 5 to 10 percent of the existing donor pyramid. 

Physician Partnerships in Grateful Patient Fundraising and a New Era of HIPAA

Patients and their family members are the major source of most hospital philanthropy. Indeed, hospitals have a unique relationship with this constituency, as they have a special duty and responsibility to them. That relationship can be based on deep life-altering experiences or simple routine encounters.

Health Care Philanthropy: The Role of Senior Leadership in Building a Strong Culture of Philanthropy

We spend a lot of time working with clients on building high performance fundraising programs.  Typically, when clients approach us, they have a specific project or task in mind:  conducting a campaign feasibility study and plan; strategic planning for the fundraising program; vetting staffing and development plans; building the annual fund; or developing their boards, to name a few. 


From Personalized Medicine to Personalized Giving: Building a Health Sciences Needs List that Inspires

Most likely, if you are reading this piece you appreciate the importance of creating a compelling case for support that is consistent with your institution’s strategic priorities. That means digging into the elements that go into bringing your institution’s strategic plan from a document on the shelf to action and eventually reality.