DEVELOPMENT program assessments designed to elevate and innovate performance

VPG partners with its clients to conduct a deep dive assessment into the performance and culture of your philanthropy program.

Through staff, executive and board interviews and a review of your fundraising reports we conduct a comprehensive examination of your organization’s past fundraising effectiveness and impact.  We look at all areas of the program, including:

  • Board engagement
  • Senior leadership engagement
  • Constituent engagement
  • Staff competencies and performance
  • Fundraising programs performance:  Major gifts, Annual Fund, Special Events, Planned Giving
  • SWOT analysis
  • Philanthropic landscape scan

Following the assessment, VPG consultants prepare and present a report to the staff and board of the client's fundraising strengths and weaknesses along with specific recommendations for building on the strengths, addressing the weaknesses, and setting specific actionable steps that are based on best practices.

Our plans are data driven and qualitative, as well as subjective, based upon our findings. We help our clients set performance and portfolio metrics for their staff, based upon industry best practices, national and industry trends, and each client's particular circumstances.  We address the philanthropy staff’s core competencies and areas that need to be shored up.  We advise on the best (and most realistic) staffing structure that will help you meeting your needs.

We also evaluate your philanthropic culture and make recommendations for enhancing board, executive and staff partnerships that will drive culture.

Our ultimate goal is to elevate and innovate your philanthropy program by putting a plan in place that will best help the organization meet its noble mission and achieve its strategic, philanthropic objectives.