Grateful patient programs for hospitals:
turning Grateful Patients And Families into Philanthropic Partners

VPG has created a systematized approach for your hospital’s philanthropy program to elevate your grateful patient program and build staff and physician partnerships.

We begin the program with an in-depth assessment of the philanthropy program’s performance, the hospital’s culture of philanthropy and an examination of the board and physician engagement.

The goal of the “Turning Grateful Patients and Families into Philanthropic Partners” program is to create a best practices program by:

  1. Creating a sustainable approach and system for elevating the hospital’s grateful patient program,

  2. Designing a process for building your major donor pipeline, and

  3. Creating approaches for engaging physicians executive leaders, board members and development staff as partners in the process. 

The program also includes strategic counsel and advising for hospital executives, development staff and physicians in creating transformational major gift fundraising that focuses on patients and their families.  Strategic counsel is described below.

“Turning Grateful Patients into Philanthropic Partners” is tailored to the scope and size of the development program (small or large) and the expertise or the client’s development staff, executives and physicians (whether community physicians, in a system, medical group or faculty).

The consultants will review patient wealth screening reports and make recommendations on report formatting, including wealth and asset attributes if necessary. In the deliverable, we

1.     Create a monthly review process for development staff, including best practices for small and large shops, refining attributes in search, use of advance patient screenings, if applicable, and review with physicians

2.     Create a process for determining research profiles to be created

3.     Create a work flow process for executive and/or development staff outreach to identified patients

4.     Identify patient capacity and criteria for major gift identification and process for major gift assignments to VP and CEO/others

5.     Create outreach program and strategies for donor engagement, including development staff, executive, physicians, and board.

6.     Design strategies for hospital president, physicians and development VP partnerships in cultivation, solicitation and stewardship activities

VPG’s research analyst will be available to provide additional coaching for systemizing in the client’s database, if needed, including matters such manipulating the research data, clarifying screening questions and assisting with technical matters, including when to integrate into the database, as example, and producing the needed reports. 

The system creation is only one part of the program designed to hone data mining.  The other element, key to the program’s success, is advising and coaching on the development of transformative giving by grateful patients and their families that will be critical to the growth of the grateful patient program.  This will be delivered through strategic counsel, described below.

Deliverable: “Turning Grateful Patients into Donors” program will be provided to the client in a final report and presented in person by VPG Consultants to the philanthropy staff, CEO and executive team.

Fee:  The engagement is based on a fixed fee, including the assessment and design of the program.  The fee is determined by the size and scope of the hospital’s program.

Strategic Counsel for Turning Grateful Patients into Philanthropic Partners

In this aspect of the engagement, our role is strategic and advisory in nature, including general health care philanthropic counsel, campaign execution and grateful patient fundraising.  Strategic counsel is a way for the VPG consultant to immediately begin advising you on an array of time-sensitive issues.  This is typically begun following the internal assessment, however, in some cases, we have begun consulting on time sensitive matters while the assessment is ongoing. Consequently, what the consultants learn during the assessment of your program will immediately be put to use in a real-time advisory role.

Strategic counsel will address specific issues in the

·      Grateful patient program

·      Major gift strategies

·      Board development and engagement

We also integrate aspects of our art of Bold Asking(TM) program into our one-on-one and small group meetings. In addition, strategic counsel typically includes, but is not be limited to the following:

  • Communication strategies for grateful patients and physicians
  • Lead gift strategies and solicitation counsel/training sessions with senior leaders
  • Counsel on cultivation and solicitation planning
  • Building your hospital’s philanthropic culture
  • Board, volunteer and staff training

The consultant will be available to the hospital President and the Vice President on a one-on-basis or together for strategic and tactical issues and to guide your process.  We also routinely report to Boards and other leaders on our findings, recommendations for your unique circumstances, major health care philanthropic trends and issues in the marketplace that may provide insight or bearing on your own work.

With the client, we determine regular check in appointments with the Vice President and staff, and occasionally including the hospital CEO or other physician partners. 

  • Bi-monthly phone check-in and consulting calls with the Vice President
  • Monthly on-site meetings with the President and Vice President
  • Occasional summary reports and recommendations will be provided to the Hospital President, Campaign Committees and Board as issues and topics are identified

Fee:  This would involve some agreed-upon number of days of work per month billed on the Consultant’s per diem or monthly retainer basis.